Indigestion and Healing with Bitters

Chinese Bitters have been around for many centuries and have successfully repaired digestive issues. Contrary to over-the-counter and prescriptions that mask the digestive problem. Bitters simply work by taste. The initial taste of bitterness on the tongue signals the stomach very quickly to begin producing the CORRECT digestive juices to dissolve and absorb foods sitting in the gut. Prescription antacids and over the counter products turn off all juices and do not promote the healing and most importantly the rebuilding of the correct balance of acids in the stomach and gut to assimilate your foods. With Honorable Herbals we repair the imbalance and promote a healthy digestion. What happens if I continue to eat unhealthy foods? Eventually poor food choices take a toll on the body. Key to good health is a vibrant digestive tract since it is the food intake system. It disassembles your food choices and decides where it goes for storage or for immediate access to energy. Continually eating bad food choices will break down your digestive tract to a point it wo’t be able to supply energy in an efficient manner. 

Worst food choices, sugary foods, pizza, greasy foods, fried foods, soft drinks (diet and sugar free included). There is no such thing as a healthy fried food. The high heat in frying causes the oil to create free radicals (bad cells) in your body and wreak havoc in your system. Phytochemical’s (fruits and veggies) counters the assault on the free radicals produced by fried foods. Pizza is filled with fatty, greasy foods, you see the oils come to the top when baking. Make sure to sop the oil up with paper towels before ever putting it in your mouth. Pizzas is one of the most processed food choices anyone can choose. Soft drinks are one of the biggest offenders and cause massive acidity in the body. Where there is acidity there is bad cells. It takes a lot of work for the body to fight the battle of acidity and try and maintain a perfect blood pH balance of 7.4 at ALL TIMES. Remember the blood will build from the foods you eat. The body has to find a healthy supply of foods to maintain its pH. Eventually the first system to begin to deteriorate is the digestive tract, after it can’t perform at top level it affects the organs and systems in the body creating acne, gout, endometriosis, bad colds, and cancer, etc. The body can withstand quite a bit, but the road back to health is hard and arduous. Take the high road and manage your diet better, take your bitters. 

The bitters themselves come from organic bitter herbs. We process the herbs in filtered water and a small amount of alcohol necessary to extract the bitterness. We brew them in small batches to control quality. We offer the original, organic mint-infused and organic orange infused.

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Original Bitters Ingredients:

Organic Gentian, Organic Bupleurum, Distilled Water, Alcohol.

Bit O' Mint Flavored Ingredients:

Organice Gentian, Organic Bupleurum, Filtered Water, Alcohol, Organic Pepperment Oil

Bit O' Orange Flavored Ingredients:

Organice Gentian, Organic Bupleurum, Filtered Water, Alcohol, Organic Orange Oil

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