Endometriosis - Cysts- Menopause Relief

Healing Endometriosis, Cysts, and Estrogen Overload

Estrogen buildup occurs when the liver becomes congested or overwhelmed known as liver stagnation. The liver stores, distributes, repairs and removes estrogen cells. Estrogens can only be carried out of the liver through bile, the bile carries it to the intestines and the estrogen cells break loose and spread throughout the body for use. If the estrogen cell is disabled for any reason, such as its age, or perhaps it was improperly formed to begin with, the body can repair the cell and recycle it within the intestines. Once completed it is directed back to the liver for another cycle.

 If your liver is congested and bogged down it begins to collect too many estrogen cells. Or if digestion is not flowing correctly the estrogen cells can accumulate elswhere in the body such as breasts, reproductive area, and fat cells creating an opportunity for cysts, fibroids and endometriosis. Not enough bile production causes an accumulation of estrogen cells in the liver. Also, lack of bile can impinge the breakdown of calcium thus creating gallstones leading to digestive and estrogen problems. You can see how weaknesses accumuate quickly, however, with our natural product, Chinese Bitters, the problematic areas can be relieved. Honorable Herbals Chinese Bitters increases digestion and the breakdown of foods, and in turn helps the liver to flush out acids, toxins and buildup and bring balance to bile production.

Constipation creates a Toxic Load  

"Constipation Rules the Nation." Stagnated bowels create a toxic drip into your blood and lymph system, in turn causing bad moods, and lethargy. Chinese Bitters helps the liver clean the toxins and increase bowel function.  Bitters can play an important role in rebalancing the correct digestive acids and clearing out liver stagnation. Let Honorable Herbals Chinese Bitters help the liver and digestion to work synergistically to provide proper cell function and health.

NOTE: Honorable Herbals supports the work done by Advanced Nutrition, working with women and endometriosis for the last 13 years. Please visit www.endowebsite.com, for more information.

Menopause and its Symptoms

Digestion is compromised as stomach acids begin to wane after the age of 50, and digestive ailments appear enhanced for some. During post-menopausal years, it is suggested women pay close attention to digestion so they continue to absorb nutrients on a high level. As digestive acids begin to lessen it is imperative that we create the best, balanced, state for nutritional absorption. Bringing balance to the liver with bitters, old stagnation is removed and blood is cleansed, creating fewer hot flashes. The healthier (cleaner) your blood the less hot flashes you will have. 

The aging process for women in menopause dramatically increases, it can be slowed to a certain degree with proper nutrition and absorption of nutrients Many women by the time they reach their fifties have an overburdened liver and should consider cleansing their liver with Chinese Bitters The cleansing will have a positive impact on the digestion and overall health. Honorable Herbals Chinese Bitters, can spring life back into your digestion. 

Women tend to like the Bit O'Mint flavor more than the Orignial flavor, if you need help deciding.

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