Cruciferous Vegetables - Complex

Information on Crucierous Vegetables and the healing and balancing they promote. Cancer, tumors, endometriosis, breast cancer, prostate cancer.

Due to changes in this product we have had to raise our prices the product is now ALL ORGANIC and 12x stronger and you only need 1 capsule a day!, 

since You may have heard cruciferous vegetables are excellent in thwarting the growth of bad cells in the body by phytochemcal power. Fighting free radical damage is critical in clearing out toxicity and giving the body a helping hand. These powerhouse veggies can prevent, remove and repair damage within our cells and help take down bad cell growth. Our complex is so strong it can work deeply on a cellular level to help you fight the advancment of bad cells. Another benefit from cruciferous plants is the Indole-3 Carbinol and DIM (simply put, they boost the detoxificaton process in the liver to eliminate toxic cells) inside these plant based foods, from the consumption of cruciferous vegetables helps to clear out excess hormones. 

Most of the metabolism of estrogen horomones is in the liver, and it is thought the crucerfous veggie benefits clear out what is called exogenous oestrogens. These oestrogens are not our natural hormones. They accumulate in our body from environmental, pollution and/or foods contaminated by plastics and chemicals. Just take a look at the grocery store these days and see how most products are wrapped in some form of plastic. Have you ever bought water and let it sit in your car for a few days in the sun? The plastics release estrogen mimickers and confuse the body and overload its delicate balance.Thus causing hormone type diseases. 

You can get 10x plus more fighting power in our Cruciferous Sprout Complex, than by eating a plate of broccoli, it is strong and has a free radical punch and ability to fight a war against tumors, cancer and endometriosis. This food based suppement gets its power from broad spectrum crucerfous vegetables making the complex very potent. With additional care of freeze drying the supplements strength and potency stays intact with no heating and destroying the integrity of the product. This allows each capsule to fight deeper in the cellular level. If taken “systemically”, meaning without food, it will go to work optimally and work directly on the free radical damage within the body.  Once free radical damage is under control it begins to help the body break down growths. Cleaning up your diet and changing your life style is a must in order to have a balanced body again.

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