About Honorable Herbals


Who we are: Honorable Herbals was started about 15 years ago. I started with the bitters as product to give to my clients suffering from indigestion, and endometriosis some relief. I produced them in house for many years before deciding to go bigger and sell them worldwide. It still remains a small company with  3-4 employees depending on the season. We blend and produce bitters in small batches to keep the integrity of the herbs at their finest. 

Where are we going: We have added more products over the years and hope to expand more into the tea business. We enjoy blending and drinking tea and hope when we start to sell more variety soon you take a moment to try our teas. 

Where are we? We are in Ventura, CA and hope to remain here for some time. We are currently looking to expand our facility.

We are an environmentally friendly company that buys organic herbs and processes and ships with as much biodegradable material possible. We use 95% recycled shipping material.

Our Refill pack also known as the International Pack, orginally was designed for overseas shipping to lower the costs by quite a bit. We thought why not sell it as a refill too? So we hope you enjoy this great option. The packet is food grade non-toxic with no BPA’s.

I hope in the next few years to include a tea line that is not just for healing but is a tasty get away.

Best of Health,

Linda Wagner, CN

Honorable Herbals • Ventura • CA • 93003 • honorableherbals@gmail.com