Sinus Infection - Natural Cure

I’m here with a healthy hint for sinus infections, it’s a quick fix, it works really well and is all natural. I do not sell the product, it something you can get online. I just want to get this out there and just let you know there something you can do naturally for a sinus infection rather than going out and getting prescription drugs for something you really shouldn’t be doing if you can do it naturally. So here it is quick and easy. Water, get some filtered water or spring water, something that is clean. Use a  1/4 cup water, just put it into a small container, baby food jar, jam jar, and Golden Seal capsules. Again, I do not sell this. You can get this online and keep in your frig. Golden Seal Root is a natural antibiotic in the natural world. Take a capsule and brake it in half and pour half the capsule in the quarter cup of water. Keep the other half capsule and put it back in the jar and use it in a couple of days. Use a 1/8 teaspoon measuring spoon or sample spoons at grocery store, dip spoon into golden seal water mix and bring it up to your nose and snort it up your nostril and do the same on the other side. Hold your head back and try and let it run back into the sinus cavity and then you can also lay down on your bed for a few minutes to let it run into your sinus cavity.  Do this 3-4 times a day and usually in 5-7 days your sinus days the infection is gone. This is great to do after you have had a shower to loosen up your sinus cavity, blow your nose gently and then snort the mixture. **I forgot to mention in the video,  change the water out every few days since it goes bad very fast.** If you are in the throws of a MASSIVE sinus infection it is probably too late to try this, but if its at the beginning or a regular sinus infection this will work well. This method can stop the cycle of infections that may come regularly for some people. If you can stop the pattern of infection you can remove it from your cold cycle permanently.

Fifteen to twenty years ago I used to get them regularly and a blender came into a healthfood store I worked at and recommended snorting Golden Seal in water for sinus infections. So I tried it and it’s been about 15 years since I’ve had an infection.

Also, I’m a tree hugger, and I know that anything natural is going to taste like tree bark. This is one of the most potent products you can take, so if you’re one of those people that are very sensitvie to smell and taste this may be too much for you. Keep in mind what goes up must come down and it will eventually run down the back of your throat. You just have to be prepared for it and not let it get to you. My answer to poeple who say they don’t like the taste,  is a very gentle…get over it. This is natural remedy. Its better to deal with mother nature than to take a pharmaceutical.

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