Chinese Bitter Orange Formula

Chinese Bitter Orange Formula
Chinese Bitters 8 oz - Bit O' Orange


2014.CB.Orig.Organic Bit O’Orange Bitters

8oz Bottle or 8oz Refill Pack includes shipping

Ingredients: Organic Gentian, Organic Bupleurum, filtered water, alcohol, orange.

Chinese Bitters

Honorable Herbals Chinese Bitters work on the digestion in the stomach and improve/repair acid imbalances, because it comes from a natural source the body will recognize and absorb the bitters much quicker than over the counter products. It works with a signal, from the mouth to the stomach to produce the correct digestive acids. This was the original design of the digestive system. Without the correct acids you get indigeston. Indigestion is the buildup of the wrong types (or lack of) acids. 

Dosage: Start with 1 teaspoon 15 minutes before a meal. Can also be taken after a meal. Repeat if necessary. For maximum relief take 1 tablespoon and repeat if necessary.

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