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Organic Ingredients: horstail, comfrey leaves, oat straw, nettles, rosehips, orange peel, peppermint.


Honorable Herbals formula is designed to build calcium in the bones naturally and repair from breaks and prescription drug damage. Most people are not aware as children we build our supply of calcium in our bones for a lifetime of storage to be accessed in our elderly years. Throughout our adult years we can “withdraw” from our calcium savings and not relize we have plundered the account. This rebuilds the calcium naturally with a much higher absorption rate than pills and prescriptions. The body will always choose the natural vitamin and herbal calcium form before any other. Great for children and people who have hard to heal bones. It’s mild tasting and you can add bubbly water or other teas to it. 

This tea strengthens and builds and repairs bones, breaks and fractures. Reverses bone damage from Lupron. Easy to digest very mild taste - even children enjoy the mild taste. Benefits women in Menopause and beyond…

This specialized tea formula is just what the body ordered. We chose herbs with natural high calcium content for maximum absorption and assimilation. To increase absorption we added rose hips and orange peel for the vitamin C. Vitamiin C boosts absorption of minerals and vitamins. Just the way nature intended. 

Calcium is one of the hardest minerals to absorb including your calcium supplements, only a small amount of your supplement will make it into your blood system. The easiest way to assimilate calcium is to take it in its natural organic stateBONE DENSI-TEA brings the calcium into the the body in high amounts, and in a recognizable natural state. We use only the finest certified organic herbs. Our tea is wheat, soy, caffeine, and dairy free and there are no additives or oils. Read further down for Lupron information.

Bone Rebuilding, Fractures, Breaks

If you have suffered a bone break that will not heal, we highly suggest you add this tea to your repitore. These days there are many children that have hard to heal breaks. This is the perfect tea to add to their young diets. It is peaceful, lovely tea that does not have a power herbals taste therefore pallitable to even the young. If you have a bone break, or a wonky break that is not healiing at the pace you had hoped, add this tea to your diet and watch it go to work. (P.S. don't drink soft drinks while healing, since it has the opposite effect and pulls calcium out of the bones.)

50 and Beyond

As we age beyond 50 it becomes even more difficult to absorb vitamins and minerals. The beneficial stomach acid, hydrochloric acid, begins to wane after the age of 50 slowing calcium uptake even further. With BONE DENSI-TEA you have the calcium in a predigested state allowing the body to absorb a greater amount and with ease. The tea has a nice calming effect that does not interfere with work or driving, but allows you to find the peaceful center in your body. BONE DENSI-TEA integrates beautifully into your blood and you can watch your fingernails grow, your hair and skin will benefit too. 

LUPRON: If you took Lupron for 3 months or longer you have bone loss due to the drugs effects, please click on the the Lupron inset above and visit the page with pictures regarding the study. Recovery from bone loss is crucial for your future bone healh. Be persistant and dedicated to the recovery of calcium loss. As an adult it is difficult to replenish the full amount of bone loss (certainly if you have used Lupron 6 months or longer or repeated Lupron therapies),  you can certainly rebuild a good healthy amount by drinking our calcium tea or tinctures and make good dietary choices. As mentioned before as chidren we pack away the calcium, however, as adults it is much harder to absorb and store so the loss of calcium due to Lupron can have significant repercussions down the road. The body wants nothing more than to recogize calcium in its natural form using it to its fullest potential. Drink BONE DENSI-TEA with its pre-assimilated calcium.

If you inbib in soft drinks our tea would be a great addition to your diet. Soft drinks steal calcium from blood and bones at every sip and weakening your frame. When calcium is pulled from the body its first choice is to pull from your gums. This is due to the phospherus ingredient, it binds to calcium and pulls from bones and gums.  As a youngster you spent your childhood storing calcium for future adult and senior years. Basically what you store as a child -- is your calcium savings account as an adult. Rebuild your bones and have a healthy future to look forward to. Your calcium is a precious commodity, ensure your bones safety and drink our BONE DENSI-TEA.

Did you know…                                                                                                       You must have a healthy amount of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in your stomach to transfer ALL calcium to your cells and bones. HCL is the calcium taxi cab to your bones.  Our Chinese Bitters was formulated specifically to naturally build HCL in the stomach. Read about our bitters.

Coffee and black tea drinkers should be aware that caffeine causes dehydration, especially more than one cup a day puts you in danger of constant low grade dehydration that distrupts the digestion process and puts the body in a constant stressed state. Caffeine promotes urination and loss of fluids effects the body, leaving the kidneys and adrenals very unhappy state. Adding calcium tea and alternating with water during the day you will feel much healthier inside and will begin to see the benefits of BONE DENSI-TEA. 

Information on BONE DENSI-TEA

The blend was created by Linda Wagner who is a Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist. We use only the finest certified organic herbs. This is a bulk tea we provide. The formula is very mild to taste and is caffeine free, children will enjoy the light flavor. You can make a pitcher full and your family can drink the tea throughout the day or you can drink by the cup. Although the tea looks and tastes delicate it is packed with calcium.

Horsetail is also know as Shavegrass, although it is refered to as a grass plant there is no gluten in the herb. Horsetail is a prehistoric herb, and grew along side the dinasours as they roamed the planet. Horsetail is packed with silica which provides us with calcium and an added benefit it increases the absorption of calcium into our bones. Silica is great for building and repairing connective tissue. In France silica is used as their main source for a calcium supplement.

Comfrey leaves is also known as Knitbone and for a very good reason. This special herb has been used for healing bones for thousands of years. It is packed with calcium and over the centuries it has earned its name as Knitbone because of the ability to heal bone breaks quickly. It also has a very high amount of protein in its leaves and roots.  Both the leaves and the root can be used for varous healing purposes. 

Oatstraw is rich in calcium and silica and is also a benefit as a nervine. It calms the nervous system and relaxes you, it simply makes you feel peaceful. Oatstraw is another herb that not only provides calcium but helps provide the uptake and assimilation of calcium and other minerals. 

Nettles provides Vitamin C and chlorophyll and silica. The silica in nettles provides calcium to the body and helps to build good connective tissue.This is the go to herb for many herbalists. It provides a number of vitamins and minerals and can be used for numerous purposes of healing the whole body. It is used in salves, tea's, tinctures, and packs.

Rosehips is a fantastic source of Vitamin C which increases the absorption of almost all vitamins and minerals. We use this herb to boost the calcium absorption into the bones and tissues.

Orange Peel is another great source of Vitamin C for boostiing calcium absorption. It will provide absorption for all the other minerals that come with this tea.

Peppermint is a relaxing herb and calms the muscles that line the organs in your body, in particular the intestinal muscles. We use this herb in our tea to give it its light and delightful taste. Our tea is naturally light and mild in taste. Because of its mild taste children love it.

Cup BonedensiTea

This is a powerhouse calcium tea, packed with herbs to make strong healthy bones — Mild Mint flavor

° Better than any dairy product! 

° Your body prefers herbs to build calcium in your body. 

 ° Watch your nails grow! 

° Two ounces equals a full gold packet. Its a light tea that kids enjoy too, with a slight               mint taste. 

° Be creative with teas add to another tea

° Add bubbly water and ice and you have a great summer bone building tea.


"All this and more is to be found in the simple but profound study of herbs and wildflowers that grow around us. Perhaps the most outstanding gift they give us is to a greater ability to know the joy of life and to experience with deeper understanding of the natural world." 

Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist.

Sizes of Bulk Tea Packs

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