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How to Naturally Improve Digestion

With its ability to work fast, Chinese Bitters improves digestion rather than suppressing it. Indigestion, fullness and bloating subsides quickly with the added benefit of restoring the stomach and overall health. Stop the pain and bloating; rebuild a healthy digestion with Chinese Bitters. This is an excellent tonic for women who suffer from Endometriosis, our bitters promote a balanced pH and removal of toxins in the body and balance the liver and hormones. This formula is tried and true and has been around for centuries.

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Healing Endometriosis, Cysts, and Estrogen Overload


Estrogen buildup occurs when the liver becomes congested or overwhelmed known as liver stagnation. The liver stores, distributes, repairs and removes estrogen cells. Estrogens can only be carried out of the liver through bile, the bile carries it to the intestines and the estrogen cells break loose and spread throughout the body for use. If the estrogen cell is disabled for any reason, such as its age, or perhaps it was improperly formed to begin with, the body can repair the cell and recycle it within the intestines. Once completed it is directed back to the liver for another cycle. For more information on Endometriosis go to our Endo and Menopause page for women.

Bitters will Clean and Detox the Liver and Gallbladder 

Your liver and gallbladder work together as a team to promote the digestion of foods -- especially fatty foods. Your liver creates bile to digest fatty foods and your gallbladder is just a holdiing tank for the bile until there is call-out for bile by your digestion.  Bitters will decongest the liver, by improving bile production, bile flow and the breakdown of vitamins and hormones properly. This in turn cleans your blood flow creating improved health. The less acidic your body the better you will digest, sleep, and feel. Bitters has the dual ability to improve the health of your stomach, liver and gallbladder. 

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The Bitter the Better, How it Works

Our diets were more pure in the past  — from the land. Our bodies created the ability to digest foods quickly by the large quantity of bitter greens we used to ingest. The bitter taste triggered a biological message via the liver/gallbladder to the stomach to produce the correct acid balance for the incoming food. Since bitters foods are no longer part of our daily diet routine we lack the biological trigger to breakdown heavy foods. Honorable Herbals Chinese Bitters creates that wonderful digestive flow that foods did centuries ago. Best way put, the more bitter tasting the herb the better the digestive flow. Our bitters work surprisingly fast and can be used before a meal and after. It's just a teaspoon away.

A Big FYI. Did you know that in order for calcium to absorb and enter your bones and teeth you must have a healthy amount of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in your stomach to transport the calcium to your cells? HCL drives the calcium to blood and cells for distribution. Without the proper amount of HCL in your stomach your body will have to eliminate the calcium via an elimination channel . Our Chinese Bitters allows your body to build HCL on its own creating a natural healthy digestive system ready to deliver calcium past the digestive track and into the blood.

Precription drugs taken for indigestion lower the bad (wrong) acids that have grown in your stomach and begin to hold down the HCL levels too, (it can't tell the difference between a good acid and bad) so the HCL that naturally stores in your stomach depletes. This begins to hinder proper digestion and lowers the calcium absorption, beginning the cycle of future digestive issues and branching off to cause trouble in other areas in the body. The simplest fixes can provide life long health and longevity, think natural, there is almost always an answer from the plant world.  Check out our calcium tea blend.

Women’s Infertility and Endometriosis

Too much estrogen production creates a stepping stone towards endometriosis. A host of problems begin, causing kidney and liver and gallbladder energy flow issues. Removing excess estrogen from the liver and intestines is key to stopping the cycle of endometriosis. For more information go to the Endometriosis page.

Protein Diets Like Atkins, and Body Builders

Ah, those first 2 weeks on your Atkins diet can lead to a whole lot of indigestion, fullness, constipation and just an overall bad feeling inside. You may be loosing weight, but do you really have to feel like this to complete the diet? Chinese Bitters to the rescue! The bitters will move the protein overload quickly through the stomach by building the correct digestive juices, without compromising your diet. Over a short time you will see a great improvement with your overall digestion. Make your protein diet work better for you rather than against you. Go Bitters!

(This is not an advertisement for Atkins or any other diet choice.)

Bitters Worldwide

Bitters are used regularly throughout the world, because of our country is somewhat new compared to most of the world we lost the knowledge and use of herbs that still continue to be a daily routine for people around the world. Honorable Herbals brings you the finest choice of bitters with fast acting relief with a formula that has been around for centuries. 

The Herbs in Chinese Bitters Are Derived from Plant Roots

Your own liver is deeply rooted in your body. Besides delivering nutrients to the blood, the liver also cleanses the blood and removes poisons and acids from the body. Chinese Bitters promotes clean flowing blood to the body. If all the rivers (fluids) run clear and swift you will have ultimate health.

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